General conditions of Revolution Simproducts

Revolution Simproducts, 4 Rue Dennis Papin, 77680, ROISSY EN BRIE,FRANCE. Use of these names by third parties is not permitted without explicit approval in writing to Revolution Simproducts.


Products sold are only allowed to be used in a non-professional environment and are intended for personal use. They are not build to be used in real aviation and aviation training purposes. Revolution Simproducts does not accept any responsibility for the usage of its products for training purposes and does not accept any responsibility for a possible crash or damage done due to such usage for training purposes.  Usage of Revolution Simproducts home cockpit products in professional environments( simulators for training purposes, simulators for flying experience as a rental on hourly bases) including but not limited to any commercial activity is subject to additional PRO FEES to be charged. In the case that the user does not notify Revolution Simproducts that the products will be used in professional and commercial environments, but it has been found out afterwards Revolution Simproducts reserves the right to carry the issue to legal authorities as well as charging a penalty to the user.

All content included on this site, such as images, text, grapics, logos, downloads and manuals are the property of Revolution Simproducts and protected by international copyright laws. Use of mentioned contents without the approval of Revolution Simproducts is not allowed.

Important: this hardware is in no way affiliated to or endorsed by Boeing or any other aircraft manufacturer. In no way is the hardware reflecting specific aircraft systems in their entirety.


All content included on this site, such as images, text, grapics, logos, downloads and manuals are the property of Revolution Simproducts and protected by international copyright laws. Use of mentioned contents without the approval of Revolution Simproducts is not allowed. Information such as manuals, prints and pictures are intented as reference for the customer. No rights can be claimed from this information. Revolution Simproducts reserves the right to change designs and drawings without prior notification.


Base and Binding currency is the EURO. All charges and payments will be made in EURO. For the convenience of our customers prices may be shown in other currencies as well. These are prices based on the latest currency rate and are subject to change without prior notice.

Order policy

Customers can purchase the products in our online webshop if and when available. Prior to purchasing, customers are asked to create an account providing essential information, such as name, address, email and phone number. This information is strictly used for internal purposes and will never be used for any kind of marketing or advertising purposes.
It is the customers responsibility to provide the correct information and update there account in case of relevant changes.  Incorrect provided information which lead to an incorrect order processing, is the responsibility of the client. Customer is aware that extra charges may be applicable on credit card payments. These charges are shown in the final payment page.
By using the online webshop, customers declare having read and accept the general terms and conditions. Revolution Simproducts reserves the right to make changes to website and general terms without notice.

If the webshop is not available in this case the orders will be given by the customers directly by sending an e-mail to Offers will be sent by e-mail to customers along with bank and payment information. By the time that the payment is received the order will be processed and the customer will be notified for delivery time.

Order acceptance policy

Only paid and confirmed orders will be accepted. Unpaid orders will not be processed and may be cancelled without prior notification.
Revolution Simproducts reserves the right to cancel an order in case there is reasonable doubt about the integrity of a placed order. Revolution Simproducts is allowed to enquire for further information if necessary.

Also the customer will be sent a disclaimer acceptance e-mail to confirm that all conditions as well as usage of products has bee read and understood. KIT products, unless proven by the time of delivery with necessary visual proof that they have been damaged is not under any kind of warranty. If any of the parts of the KIT product is broken by customer during installation, new pieces will be subject to re-payment of the parts price as well as shipping price by the customer.

Privacy policy

Revolution Simproducts does not keep track, store or collect any financial data provided by customers, such as credit card information, banking details and other relevant financial data. All payments are being handled by a third party organisation via a secured online system. Revolution Simproducts will not provide any customer information to third parties.

Delivery policy and lead times

Revolution Simproducts will strive to deliver from stock if possible. Some products are being fabricated on request and longer lead times are applicable. Lead times longer then 30 days of purchase, will be mentioned at the product overview in the webshop. If  a customer purchases a product for which a longer lead time then 30 days is applicable, the customers will be notified. If customer does not accept these lead times, Customer has the right for a full refund.
Without notification otherwise, products will be shipped and delivered within a maximum of 30 days of purchase.
Products under development can not be purchased until officially released. Revolution Simproducts will announce release dates on the website. Pre orders will only be accepted if a reasonable term of release can be provided to our customers.

Shipping policy

Revolution Simproducts has an agreement with various shipment companies to collect and ship all the products offered in the web site.
All orders placed in the online webshop or directly via e-mail are being shipped with the agreed courier. Revolution Simproducts reserves the right to choose another courier if such is necessay without any prior notification. 

If a package or the contents is damaged on delivery, Customer needs to notify Revolution Simproducts support immediately by sending an email to . Unreported claims due to damaged packages can not be accepted.

Customers can also get their products picked up by their own appointed courier service. In such a case the responsbility of Revolution Simproducts ends by the time that the goods are given to courier or shipping agency. Any damage found in the products by the time of delivery is not the responsibility of Revolution Simproducts and claim requests will not be accepted.

Return policy

Customer has a seven day (office days) site term to return the product. Returned products are only accepted if the product is not used, in its original package and, if applicable, seals are not broken.
Revolution Simproducts will refund the purchase amount within 30 days provided that the customer sends the banking details for the refund to be made. In the case that the order has already been started to be produced, the amount of labor and the appropriate costs will be deducted from the paid amount and will be returned.

Prior to sending back the products, customer needs to send an email to . Revolution Simproducts customer service will provide all the necessary information for returning of the product. Return should be shipped secured, as Revolution Simproducts assumes no liability for lost or damaged return shipments.
Not reporting a return, can lead to a rejected acceptance of the package by Revolution Simproducts.

Refund Policy

In case a product is broken or damaged on delivery, Revolution Simproducts will replace the broken part and have it send back to the customer.
On electronic devices a 1 year warranty is applicable. Broken parts or products need to be reported prior to sending the item back. Revolution Simproducts will provide a RMI number to the customer. Returned items which have not been approved will be declined and not accepted by Revolution Simproducts.
Repaired warranted products, will be send back to the customer without shipping charges.

Refunds are submitted to approval of the Revolution Simproducts Management. Disputes or requests should be addressed to in order to be approved for a refund. Refunds are never given on shipping charges. Breaking the levers of throttles (flap, Speed Brake and throttle arms) are out of guarantee as there is only one way of using them.

Applicable law

In case of disputes the Applicable law will be the Law of France