The ProSim737 suite is a complete suite of software tools to build an accurate two engine simulator. In combination with Microsoft Flight Simulator 9 or 10, it will allow you to build a setup that is very close the the real aircraft.

Before and during development of this suite, a number of key points were identified that the software should address. These are:

1. Accuracy. The software should do its best to model real life behavior of systems. This allows accurate failure modeling.

2. Autopilot and Flight Director. An often neglected part of the autopilot system is a good Flight Director. The Flight Director is crucial in training and must be reliable. Autopilot functions should work like in the real aircraft.

3. Reliability. Because of the complex nature of all components in use, it’s easy to get lost in failures that are hard to track. The software should be fault tolerant and not rely on the operation of other components.

4. Maintainability and configuration. Configuration must be straightforward without complex tasks. All navigation data should be in one place for easy updating.

5. Usable for personal training. The software should be usable for basic IFR training. The instructor station must be usable from within the cockpit on a touchscreen and allow instant aircraft placement and other features without the need to use a keyboard. Preflight and route entry must be accessible from outside the cockpit.

6. Friendly to cockpit builders. There should be no restrictive copy protection. Computers must be upgradable without loss of function and hardware bound keys.

7. Modern technology. All data should be stored in XML and be editable. The main means of control should be via a web interface, so any web capable device can be used.

This software is targeted at enthusiast home builders. It is not endorsed by any aircraft manufacturer and may not be used for real world operational training unless specifically certified by an approved aviation authority.


All Prosim modules can communicate over a network and are therefore freely placeable on different computers. There are two modules that need direct access to Flight Simulator. These are Prosim737 and ProsimMCP. The other modules communicate only with the Prosim737 main program.

Communications between Prosim737, ProsimMCP and Flight Simulator is handled by the standard FSUIPC utility. This utility must be installed in Flight Simulator. Because Prosim737 and ProsimMCP need direct access to Flight Simulator, we recommend running these two programs on the same machine that Flight Simulator is running on.

Each display in your cockpit must be connected to a computer that runs ProsimDisplay. Some computers can drive multiple displays, which reduces the amount if computers you need.

The instructor station is a web based system and is hosted by the Prosim737 main program. You can use any web browser to connect to the computer running Prosim737. The port that is used by Prosim737 can be configured, but is port 8080 by default. Because of the web technology, every device that is capable if showing internet pages can be used to control the instructor stations. This includes normal PC’s, touchscreen PC’s, tablet computers or even mobile phones.

Prosim737 System

The central component is the Prosim737 System module and acts as a central hub for all other modules. The module contains the systems simulation and the web server that hosts the instructor station. There should be one Prosim737 program running per cockpit. Read more…

Prosim737 Display

All graphical elements in the cockpit are generated by the ProsimDisplay module. One module should be running per physical computer screen. Multiple displays or graphics elements can be displayed on every screen. This program is typically run on one or more separate computers.Read more…

Prosim737 MCP

The ProsimMCP module is basically the autopilot. It contains the autoflight systems and will talk to the Mode Control Panel (MCP) in the cockpit. The program displays a graphical MCP on startup that you can use if you don’t have a hardware MCP. There should be one ProsimMCP program running per cockpit.Read more…

Prosim737 CDU

The ProsimCDU program is simulates a Control and Display unit. These units are used to control the flight management system. For every physical CDU unit in the cockpit, one ProsimCDU module should be run. The program displays a graphical CDU on startup that you can use if you don’t have a hardware CDU.Read more…

Prosim737 Audio

The ProsimAudio module can be used on computers to generate flight deck audio, like GPWS callouts or warnings. The Prosim737 main program can also do this, but if you prefer audio from a different computer, this module can be used to relay sounds.

Prosim737 Panel

ProSim737 Panel is an optional program that can be used to view and/or control the panels in the aircraft.Read more…